15 + 27 mins  documentary (2011)

The world's first media interview, shot in Paris in August 1886, finally comes to life as a film.
The great photographer Nadar interviews the famous scientist and sceptic Chevreul on his 100th birthday. In their own words - originally recorded in shorthand - they discuss photography, colour theory, Moliere, the scientific method, the crazy ideas of balloonists, and - of course - how to live for 100 years.  Here is a lively and interesting conversation, in their own words, between two legends of the 19th century.
One was born before the French revolution; the other was destined to see the marvels of the aeroplane and the movies.

Narrated by Agnès Varda.
The 15' version of The First Interview is available in both English and French (with English narration and English sub-titles for the French interview) and in French. Ms Varda is the Narrator in both versions.
An extended  27' version presents the same film, in English/French, followed by a “making of”. This additional material shows the selection of the Nadar archival photographs and the recording of the voices in Paris.
The rest of the production takes place in Melbourne, Australia, with prosthetic make-up and costumes supporting the actors in achieving a strong resemblance to the original images. In the studio, the interview finally comes to life. Later, sound and image are aged with special effects, to create an “impossible movie” from 1886.
The First Interview has screened on national television in Australia and France, and in many festivals worldwide
Versions Available
Making the Film