Dennis Tupicoff   writer director animator producer

After graduating from Queensland University, Dennis worked as an archivist and teacher before making his first film in 1976. He has made many award-winning films as writer, director, producer, and animator.

These have been fictional and documentary, animated and live-action, comedy and drama - and often inventive combinations.

Dennis has also been a full-time lecturer at the VCA School of Film and Television in Melbourne, and has taught and conducted workshops in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

PhD (Deakin University (2021)

Book publication: Life in Death: My Animated Films 1976-2020 (CRC Press 2022)

Retrospectives of his work have screened at festivals in
Brisbane (2008, 2018),
Kecskemet (2009 & 2017),
Krakow (2009)
Poznan (2010),
Seoul (2017),
Gothenberg (2018),
Melbourne (2018).


The Only Photograph of Emily Dickinson, American Poet (2023)
The River (2020)
Still Alive  (2018)
a photo of me  (2017)
The First Interview  (2011, 15mins + 27mins, HD/Digital Betacam)
Silly and Serious (2008, 25', Dvcam)
Chainsaw (2007, 25', 35mm)
Taringa 4068: Our Place and Time (2002, 26’,  Betacam)
Into the Dark (2001, 6’, 35mm)
The Heat, The Humidity (1999, 4’, 16mm)
His Mother’s Voice (1997, 14’30”, 35mm)
The Darra Dogs (1993, 10’,  35mm)
The Bear (1990,  30’,  16mm)
Dance of Death (1983, 7’30” , 16mm)
My Big Chance (1977, 1’30”, 16mm)
Please Don’t Bury Me (1976, 4’, 16mm)
Jungle Pictures was established in 2000 by Fiona Cochrane and Dennis Tupicoff to produce film and television projects of mutual interest. Several films have been completed and screened in Australia and internationally; others are currently in production or development.

Fiona and Dennis have long experience across a wide range of film and television programmes: shorts and features, live-action and animation, fiction and documentary. Their films have screened around the world and have won many awards.